Is It Safe and How Does It Work?

The number one reason most people decide to smoke vaporizer review CBD over another method is because CBD is the fastest, easiest way to experience all the health benefits of CBD. Smoking the plant is by no means a safe thing to do, but it’s also not going to cause you cancer. And if you’re worried about inhaling secondhand carcinogens, you might want to give CBD a shot. It’s basically just like smoking a normal flower. Except instead of ingesting the flower, or absorbing its nutrients through your skin, you smoke the plant. But what exactly does CBD mean?

The common term used to describe CBD is “CBD flower,” which sound a bit strange, but it actually refers to a specific type of flower. Most people who are familiar with consuming other kinds of flowers will have no idea what CBD is, let alone a potential benefit from inhaling the flower’s steam. But what do some of the more common side effects tell us about this relatively new product?

To start, let’s go into a little technical detail about CBD itself. Basically, CBD is a highly potent, non-toxic chemical that is found in the stems, leaves, and roots of the cannabis plant. The leaves and stems of this natural, medicinal plant are completely edible, making it a very convenient, and safe way to incorporate the herb into your diet. In fact, many different strains of the cannabis plant are used to produce CBD, including the hemp plant, whose medical properties have been used for centuries for everything from oil and fiber to cosmetics and medicine. Today, the vast majority of CBD comes from the industrial hemp plant and is produced in pill, powder, liquid extract, and topical ointment forms for sale. The major difference between the various CBD products on the market is how the herb is harvested (in comparison to other herbal and natural supplements, which most often require digging up the plant from the ground or digging a root hole and then planting), the method by which the extract is created, and the dose of CBD per serving.

It should be noted that CBD has very similar characteristics to THC, another substance found in marijuana that is also classified as an intoxicatingly addictive drug. Like THC, it produces a euphoric high similar to those produced by marijuana smokers; the only difference is that CBD doesn’t physically produce the same kind of high. But because the chemical composition of CBD is very similar to the way endocannabinoids are dispersed throughout our bodies, it can have similar effects on our physical systems. Just as endocannabinoids help to regulate body temperature and our appetites, so too do CBD and other cannabidiol-like chemicals help to regulate brain function. This explains why some people report feeling slightly “high,” or having a “trip” like they would after smoking a joint, then experiencing a “crash” upon waking up the following morning.

The way CBD is vaped is also different from smoking cannabis. Unlike with smoking cannabis, the burnt CBD does not distribute its beneficial chemicals throughout one’s entire body. Instead, the smoke works more like a pharmaceutical medication than a cigarette, with the CBD being broken down into tiny particles that are carried through the blood and taken into the lungs. This explains why many people find that there is little or no noticeable effect after smoking CBD flower but getting the same level of results when vaporizing the plant as when smoking it.

Lastly, CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream through ingestion. Unlike smoking cannabis, the ingestion of the CBD flower will not cause a change in clinical levels of the substance in the body, nor will it alter the concentrations of the Cannabinoids in your system. However, the ingestion of the plant can increase the concentrations of the Cannabinoids present in your bloodstream or can cause a change in the Cannabinoid absorption in your system. If you are taking prescription medications or intend to take prescription medicines frequently, or if you are a chronic smoker, you should discuss the effects of ingesting CBD with your doctor before using this product as an aid to stop smoking.