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Bengaluru-based Kazam EV joined the EV enabler space in 2020, providing IoT-driven charging hardware along with charge management software . The affordable setup has helped many kirana stores and mom-and-pop shops double up as local charging stations, easily found by EV drivers. When the startup was featured in May, it only operated as a voice call analysis platform. But it has now introduced several new features such as live chat and voice call QA, added Spanish to its language offerings and set up five contact centres, taking its total number of clients to 15. In September 2021, Bare raised $2.5 Mn in Series A to fund its product launch, marketing and team expansion. In addition, it has doubled down on manufacturing and R&D and aims to bring hair and skin experts to launch a video series to market its products.

Let’s say it takes two months just to get my company’s bank account sorted. Two months for a startup is equivalent to two years in everyday life! I’m not sure about you; I don’t have that time to wait around. In summary, there is no right or wrong style of problem solving; each problem solver must rely on the instincts that best drive innovation. Further, they must remember that not all problem-solving methods work in every situation. They must be willing to adapt their own preference to the situation to maximize efficiency and ensure they find an effective solution. If you want the Ideal Solution for Start ups

Partnerships and alliances formed this way can prove to be highly beneficial. By registering for the SmartUp Account, you can explore all these possibilities. If you don’t fit any of those bills, you aren’t out of options, though. Crowdfunding sites like WeFunder or Seedinvest allow anyone to put down a small sum in exchange for a piece of a startup. Seedinvest boasts pre-vetted opportunities and an investment minimum of $500—50 times lower than the typical check expected from accredited investors looking to get into the startup investing game. Chamber of Commerce found that startup owners log 14-plus-hour workdays.

Because our bets, the ones that win are the ones that are non-obvious, right? And so, for us to figure out the non-obvious stuff, it’s going to not sound obvious when they first tell you. And so we have to like work on our imagination, we have to work on our optimism to figure out, oh, what is the way that whatever story that they’re telling me could become a billion-dollar company? And then a great Investor pitches that back to the founder. Our blog covers advice, inspiration, and practical guides for early-stage founders to navigate through their start-up journeys. If you’re looking for help with choosing the best bank for your startup, we have got your back.

Meanwhile, the start-up’s rapid growth attracts rivals that cut prices and pour money into promotions. At some point new customers begin to cost more to acquire than they’re worth. As the venture burns through cash, investors become reluctant to commit more capital. Ionic offers a library of excellent UI components, tools and gestures to craft fast and highly interactive apps. The developers can start with readymade components, typography and an out-of-the-box base theme that adapts to different operating systems.

Ben is the Retirement and Investing Editor for Forbes Advisor. With two decades of business and finance journalism experience, Ben has covered breaking market news, written on equity markets for Investopedia, and edited personal finance content for Bankrate and LendingTree. If a startup is able to answer all of these questions, it may stand a shot at becoming part of the 10% of early stage companies to survive. After that comes seed funding from so-called “angel investors,” high-net-worth individuals who invest in early stage companies.

Bengaluru-based Charzer entered the EV charging space in 2020 to ensure that the lack of charging stations would not halt the growth of the fledgling industry in India. The startup provides an asset-light, affordable setup and creates a network for easy access to public charging stations. In the process, it has converted neighbourhood cafeterias, restaurants, malls and mom-and-pop stores into EV charging stations by installing a compact, zero-maintenance and IoT-enabled charging system. If you use your accounting software for invoicing, you’re still going to need a subscription management system or an analytics system to create subscription data from your sales invoices. For example, consider a marketing agency that used traditional marketing for thirty years.