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Mechanical Filtration – The Hozelock Bioforce Revolution features a unique filtration process that uses foam cubes with upward foam compression to catch dirt particles. The dirtier the filter gets, the finer the particles it can catch. For ponds that require a little extra help with Oxygen levels, you can even add an Aeration Set as an optional extra. PVC and EPDM Pond Liners per mtr, Plastic Ponds of all sizes. Please be aware that not all ponds will always be available in store. We are able to order ponds upon request, which takes an average of 5 business days to be delivered to our store for any customer pick up.

Our Best Pick – Voorgevormde vijver is the Direct Global Trading The Shannon Black Plastic Garden that fits into the smallest of spaces. Kids especially can have their own pond with this model and look after it themselves. We recommend the Direct Global Trading The Shannon as a living water habitat for any small garden space, anywhere, for anyone. We recommend the Tidal Windermere Pre Formed Garden Starter Pond if the view down into the pond is as important to you as the surface vista. You can now buy our products from over 200 aquatic outlets throughout the UK.

For instance, it is usually a good idea to rinse the pond out before installing it into the ground in case there are any chemicals left over from the manufacturing process. The Supply Chain has affected delivery times from many of our manufacturers as demand has increased. Due to their proven reliability, Hozelock has now increased the guarantee on the Aquaforce pumps to 5 years.

For more information on pond plants, please see our page on pond plants. Preformed plastic ponds are designed to save you the trouble of having to create a shaped pond from scratch. Designing and shaping a pond can be a difficult task, so already knowing the shape and size of a preformed pond eliminates that extra step when installing a pond. You simply need to dig the hole and add a layer of sand before installing the preformed plastic pond.

It’s also great for children who insist on having their own garden patch and looking after things all by themselves. Growing water plants and watching the birds and other wildlife that this contemporary-style pond attracts are both relaxing and educational. This Bermuda pond is made of black, high-density polyethylene that’s been textured to look like craggy rock. The wide end of the pond houses the deeper part and the rest of the pond has some ledges at various depths. Grow your water plants there or display marine accessories that match your pond decor theme.

Choose from four designs with volumes ranging from 45 liters up to 350 liters. Keeping the above in mind, performed liners aren’t all bad. If your main goal is just to create a small pond in your backyard to plant some water lilies, or to add a small focal point to your garden without a lot of expense or work, then a preformed plastic pond will likely work fine. In fact, if going with this approach, instead of adding a pump and filter to keep your water clean, you would probably be fine just adding some floating oxygenating plants and other plant life to filter the water naturally.

It is important you make sure you have the right size liner for your pond. Learn how to set up & maintain some of our products with these free downloadable guides and documents. Only selected ponds are available for delivery outside the greater Birmingham area and you are welcome to collect from our Sutton Coldfield Garden Centre. It’s usually not possible to keep traditional pond goldfish and koi due to the shallow depth and small size.

Over 2,000 water features, free delivery on orders over £40. Preformed plastic ponds are often a popular choice among new pond builders vs. traditional flexible liners. When used with the right motivation, a pond builder can create a successful pond using a performed liner. However, it is important to note upfront that there are limitations to the performed approach, and it is important to be aware of these before choosing a liner for your pond. These rigid pond liners are manufactured out of hard plastic or fiberglass. The Oase Bio press filtration sets consist of a Bio press pressure filter with integrated UVC, suitable Oase filter pump, hose, and all the hose connections for fast installation.

The Ladybower Pre Formed Heavy Duty Garden & Wildlife Starter Pond is even smaller than the Direct Global Trading, The Shannon that’s our Best Pick – Small Pond. This Ladyblower preformed pond is around 70-ish cm square and holds just 65L of water. The smooth black plastic of this pond gives it a modern look that fits everywhere, but particularly in progressive landscapes. The pond has a generous lip around the top perimeter so it won’t buckle and spill water out. Several ledges at different heights for your water plants and knick-knacks. The Bermuda Sand Pre Formed Pond 128 x 84cm has a capacity of 120L of water which is about standard for a medium-sized pond.