Preparing For Treatment Against Bed Bugs

Wash clothes, bedding, and linens with laundry detergent using the hottest water temperature setting that is practical. Next, place all “dryer safe” items in the dryer on high heat for at least 20 to 45 minutes. Store items in sealable plastic or tightly secured garbage bags after drying.

Sadly, there is a stigma about this very common menace, the bed bug. Our team arrives at your home discreetly in unmarked vehicles, wearing no uniforms. Your laundry, dry cleaning, and heat-treated items are stored until treatment is complete, then arrives neatly packaged and sealed in unmarked plastic bags. Clean cloths only require 15 minutes at high temperature to kill all stages of bedbugs.

Infested items or those items suspected of being infested should be placed in plastic bags, sealed tightly and labelled as “infested with bed bugs” prior to dry cleaning. Once bed bugs are located and identified and the extent of the infestation has been determined, room or unit preparation must be done. Preparing and organizing a room for bed bug management can be as burdensome as changing residences. In most cases, room preparation is done by the resident. However, it may be carried out by a service provider or even the pest control company.

Free storage of all your household items until your home is free of bed bugs…we also will deliver to a new location in case you decide to move away from your bed bug troubles. If you suspect you encountered bed bugs while travelling, call us BEFORE you take your suitcases and even the clothes you are wearing into your home. Taking bed bug-infested items into your home will result in costly and time-consuming treatments. Calling us before you get home to receive instructions about how to protect your home from infestation is critical and will save you worry and money. Bed bugs mainly are going to infest the areas we sleep in, including the living room and the sofa areas . Anyone who has moved countless times knows that the kitchen has the most items and should always be picked and cleaned up when you’re expecting company.

All clothing items should be placed in sealed garbage bags and then emptied directly into the washing machine. Your clean laundry should be placed in new clear garbage bags and sealed during the treatment process. The garbage bags used for transporting clothing articles to the laundry room should be discarded outside the premise as they may contain bed bugs.

There are, in some instances, cool spots where some bed bugs may look to in order to escape the heat and survive. Thorough cleaning, by vacuuming and washing floors and furniture, is an essential step in bed bug management. Cleaning alone will not eliminate bed bugs but it will make it easier to spot new bed bug activity. The pest control company that is treating your dwelling for дървеници препарат will provide you with a list of directions to follow prior to treatment.

Double‐bag and discard the vacuum bags in an outdoor trashcan immediately to avoid re‐introducing or spreading any bedbugs caught in the vacuum. If the mattress and box spring will be encased, be sure to use one that is bedbug proof. These encasements are thick enough so that bed bugs cannot bite through it and have tight zippers that the bugs cannot escape through. Wash all clothing in hot water and then dry on the highest setting allowed for the clothing. Clothing that can’t be laundered and dried can be dry‐cleaned or need to be inspected carefully. Do not place clothing in infested rooms/areas until treatment has been completed and the bedbugs have been eliminated.

If the problem persists after two weeks, it is advisable that homeowners contact the PCO, and that apartment residents contact their management office. To give the treatment time to work, do not shampoo or clean floors or carpet for at least three weeks after the treatment. Be prepared to leave the home during treatment and for the number of hours afterward as recommended by the PCO. Lisa Jo Lupo is a pest control expert with over 25 years of professional experience in the pest control industry, writing about pest identification and management.

Sweep flooring and vacuum all carpets and upholstery. Turn over or move furnishings, open futons, and sleeper sofas, and thoroughly vacuum all items. After vacuuming, promptly dispose of the vacuum’s contents into a plastic bag and immediately put it in an outdoor garbage receptacle. Force bed bugs out of cracks and crevices with a putty knife or an old playing card, or with hot air from a blow-dryer on low setting. Catch them with sticky packing tape or crush them in paper towels. Remove all personal items including clothes, toys, shoes, stored materials, etc., from the furniture and floor area throughout the home.